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Study in Innsbruck

Innsbruck definitely is a very good place to spend your student days!
Hosting several state and private universities and other academic institutions (dating back as far as 1669 AD!), the city is a large student hub in the western part of Austria, accomodating approx. 27.000 students.

First Introduction
A short introduction to the Austrian university system gives you insights into the structure and duration of degree programs, the way lectures and exams are handled and grades are given. Furthermore the sequence of an academic year is explained.

Administrative Details
Within this section, a couple of administrative processes such as the enrolment procedure for registration at the University and the mandatory residence registration in Innsbruck are reviewed and some additional information on the ECTS-System is given.

Universities in Innsbruck
For your reference, we included weblinks to all universities in Innsbruck, clustered into Public Universities, Private Universities and Colleges of Applied Sciences (so called Fachhochschulen).

Exchange Students in Innsbruck
Information aimed at exchange students who spend some time at a university in Innsbruck under one of the available programs (such as Erasmus, Joint Study, Fulbright, and others).

German Language
In order to be able to follow the curriculum and successfully pass your exams you definitely will be required to have a good command of German. The universities offer language courses and you can improve your skills with the popular "tandem" learning method.

Exchange Student Reviews
As an addition to the "regular" student guide we added this review section, where former exchange students to Innsbruck share their experiences and give special hints to help you settle in even faster using these advices. Enjoy!

Couldn't exactly find what you searched for? Or happened to discover a valuable information source you would like to share with other users? You are more than welcome to let us know!

We hope you enjoy the visit on this site and your time in Innsbruck!