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Shopping in Innsbruck

Shopping is a pleasure in Innsbruck - elegant boutiques, department stores and speciality shops are clustered in the city center as well as the surrounding districts, interspersed with cafes and bars for those necessary breaks.

Innsbruck city shopping

The most fashionable shopping streets can be found in the city center, mostly pedestrianized such as ... and .... .......

Innsbruck shopping malls

For larger scale shopping expeditions in Vienna, various malls can be found around the city center (such as ... near ... or ... near ...) as well as towards the outskirts of the city (mainly ... and ...).

Markets in Innsbruck

A visit to Innsbruck definitely is not complete without discovering some of the diverse city markets, which provide very good insights to the everyday lives of Innsbruck inhabitants. Ranging from ..., probably Innsbrucks most popular market, to the multicultural ... where turkish and levantine delights can be found.

Groceries & more

For shopping groceries and products for your everyday needs, several large supermarket chains (both discounters and upmarket ones) can be found as well as smaller independent stores.

Shopping Hours

Most shops are open Monday to Friday 9h00 till 18h00 and Saturday 09h00 till at least 17h00 (opening hours limited by law). Supermarkets generally have longer hours, ranging from 7h00 or 8h00 till 19h00 or 20h00, depending on location and company.
Catering to the high demand for after-hours shopping (though mainly for groceries), there are a few opportunities: Most of the gas stations provide - sometimes fairly large - grocery and convenience stores (7x24hrs). Furthermore you can find extended opening hours at railway stations and the airport

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